Casa Netural

OPEN PLACEMENT: 01 June 2019 – 01 March 2020 (9 months)

Casa Netural is a coworking and co-living space, point of reference for social innovation in the South of Italy. It is an association with more than 100 people associates and many activities run day by day, from agriculture, to regenerations of building, teaching languages with non formal method, creation of artisanal products, family coworking. etc. It is an unconventional form of “incubator of enterprises”, without venture capitals. The partners help/abilitate people on running their own projects, starting from a “professional dream” to an enterprise. They experiment new kind of sharing economy projects with a continuous involvement of communities in the idea generation and in the design stages. They are placed in a region with a high rate of unemployees and their goal is to create a new culture and new opportunitiesof work and economy.


Casa Netural has been a local partner of Associazione Link and Basilicata Link since 2014, hosting events for promoting EVS and co-organizing different activities with EVS volunteers and international trainees. The positive experience of the staff and the important impact on users and local youth, encouraged Casa Netural to build on this path and apply for hosting volunteers.

If you dont know well what is EVS please read here:

Casa Natural expertise lies in: 1. coworking, not only as a working space but as methodology; 2. network building with the entire territory in order to create development and strategy for a new collective and spread wellness; 3. community building on different scales (coworking, neighbourogh, city and global interconnections); 4. creation of codesign processes (in architecture and in communities); 5. use of non formal methodologies in every single project we run and use of gamimng as a precious method indeed too; 6. development and creation of sharing economy projects (Casanetural organized the first sharing school in the world; 7. design of projects that rely on the regeneration of already existing products/projects; 8. good experience on mapping abandoned or unused spaces / buildings for the development of social innovation projects; 9. creation of collaborative governance starting from the needs of the collectivity. 

Casa Netural has a new vacancy (1 volunteers) for the project Human Capital 2019, coordinated by Basilicata Link.

We select our next volunteers following these criteria:

  • age: 24 years or older
  • country: any EU country, preferably from other European Capitals of Culture, Eastern countries and Northern Europe
  • good knowledge of English, basic knowledge of Italian
  • competences in using social networks and promotion of projects and partnerships all over Europe, especially related to the project we are developing in the frame of Matera European Capital of Culture:
  • social skills and ability in developing relationships al local and international level
  • capacity in events management

Volunteers needs to be enrolled on the European Solidarity Corps portal.

Hosting conditions
Volunteers do life in double rooms, inside a flat shared with other volunteers in Matera. The flats are between 5 and 10 min walking distance from the city center, and between 5 and 15 min to the hosting organization. The apartments are self-managed by the persons who life inside (cleaning, shopping, cooking) and everyone needs to follow basic rules.

Every volunteer hosted within ESC program receive on a monthly basis:

  • pocket money (5€ per day, about 150 euro)
  • food money (160 euro)

Matera is a city of about 65.000 inhabitants, in the beautiful southern Region of Basilicata in Italy. It is the capital of the province of Matera. The town just in front of a small canyon carved out by the Gravina. Known as the city of the Sassi, its historical center, famous for the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, which has made Matera considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

Matera was declared Italian host of European Capital of Culture for 2019. See on the official website on what happened that year: 

Read on the blog of Human Capital 2019 project what happened in that amazing year, but also in general, what volunteers do during their experience in Matera: 

Application: ESC reference number + cv + motivation lettere to be sent to: with the subject Casa Netural.

Deadline: 01/05/2019