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307.-El-diálogoMaterahub is working to support economic and social development by promoting entrepreneurship at all level in Italy and Europe. In doing so Materahub has a focus on enhancing and empowering the creative and cultural sector, young entrepreneurs and all those public and private actors that could be interested in innovation through culture creativity and social values. Creative and cultural sector, young entrepreneurs and all those public private actors that could be interested in innovation through culture, creativity and social values.

Materahub is one of the main actors in the economic and cultural ferment that Matera, the European Capital of Culture for 2019 is experiencing in these years thanks to its strategic partnership with many European and international projects coordinators and partners for more than 30 Erasmus+, INTERREG, COSME projects, an intermediary organization for Italy of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program Italian, host of the Creative BusinessCup, the most important international competition for creative industries, an active member of the European networks promoting creative and cultural industries like Knowledge Alliance European Creative Business Network European Creative Hubs Network, Network for Innovation in Cultural Economy and of national and regional networks like Creative Puglia District, CRESCO, CREATEC.

Youtube Channel of MateraHub – check it out and understand more about what they do.

The activities of the volunteers will take place mainly in Matera, the city where the Center is based Europe Direct Matera and where the volunteers will stay. 

If you don’t know well what is ESC please read here:


The volunteers will not be passive spectators but active actors in organizing and carrying out our planning. The space dedicated to their personal contribution is a fundamental element to increase the sense of belonging and of responsibility, in order to establish virtuous synergies between volunteers and employees that can allow volunteers to learn as much as possible from this experience.

In the last three years Materhub searched for two specific profiles of volunteers:

  • EU project management; knowledge about international environment and languages; interest in fundraising, support of innovative EU-wide projects
  • social media manager and graphic design – related to the EU context and social innovation

So the volunteers can be involved in the following activities:

– social media management: documentation of activities and updating of websites and project profiles and of other information tools;
– support for EU project management (contact with international partners, planning, organizing and keeping meetings in support of colleagues);
– technical support to local stakeholders in applying for European calls through the help desk;
– planning of meetings and workshops in schools and universities;
– organizing events to promote European projects;

In terms of learning opportunities, the volunteer can acquire a range of skills that go from using WordPress to manage websites, to planning events that are formative for the community (from the list of contacts to being invited to the elaboration and study of contents to present), passing through the search for calls that best suit the needs of young people and the economic situation of the region, social and cultural reality of the place. Volunteers will improve their skills to work in groups and be able to relate with political decision-makers.

What does it mean to be a long-term volunteer in MateraHub? Read here some articles about Serban and Lucie who joined activities in 2019.

Hosting conditions
materaVolunteers do live in double rooms, inside a flat shared with other volunteers in Matera. The flats are between 5 and 10 min walking distance from the city centre, and between 5 and 15 min to the hosting organization. The apartments are self-managed by the persons who live inside (cleaning, shopping, cooking) and everyone needs to follow basic rules.

Every volunteer hosted within ESC program receives on a monthly basis:

  • pocket money (5€ per day, about 150 euro)
  • food money (155 euro)

Matera is a city of about 65.000 inhabitants, in the beautiful southern region of Basilicata in Italy. It is the capital of the province of Matera. The town is just in front of a small canyon carved out by the Gravina. Known as the city of the Sassi, its historical centre, is famous for the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, which has made Matera considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. On 17 October 2014, Matera was declared the Italian host of the European Capital of Culture for 2019. See on the official website what happened that year: 

Read on the blog of Human Capital 2019 project what happened in that amazing year, but also in general, what volunteers do during their experience in Matera: 

Dates: September or October for 9 months

Profile of the volunteers: a young person who is open to innovation and creativity, ready to get challenged by various tasks to experience; we are a team who use a lot of English language, but the Italian competencies are fundamental also; is very important that the volunteer is interested in European Union and its policies and wants to share this interest also with others; high technological skills (computer, video, foto, website management, social media management, etc) are very appreciated; applicants from EU ONLY.

Application: candidates can apply through the European Solidarity Corps portal,

or send an email  – subject MateraHub – with the ESC reference nr. (PNR), cv and motivation letter to:

Deadline: 21/08/2022