The UISP (Italian Union Sport For All) is an association of social and sports promotion that aims to extend the right to sport for all citizens In 2018 the Uisp will turn 70 and its history tells that of our country, the value of rights and the Constitution. Sport for all is a social good that affects health, quality of life, integration, education and relationships between people, of all ages of life. As such, it is worthy of recognition and public protection. This is why the Uisp, both nationally and locally (where it is strongly rooted and widespread) collaborates with institutions, municipalities, regions, public and private bodies to improve people’s well-being.

If you don’t know well what is ESC Volunteering read here: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/young-people/volunteering_en

Football plays with locals and volunteers (Mael -FR and Pia – DE)

Social sport and sport for all is a right, an immediate reference to a new quality of life to be affirmed day by day, both in traditional sport facilities and in the natural environment. Sport for everyone interprets a new right of citizenship, belongs to the “policies of life” and, while experimenting with many competitive activities, is legitimized on the basis of the values ​​of participation, solidarity, defense of human rights and dignity, respect and sustainability, environmental protection, inclusion and international cooperation, against all forms of discrimination, prejudice and racism. Values, these, which are not due to the mere search for results and sports performance. This is why we are convinced of the social value of sport.

Activities of UISP Basilicata where the volunteers will join:

  • uips summer campPedibus: it is a “bus” made of people who go on foot, which allows a gradual but significant change in habits regarding the choice of household mobility, especially regarding the home-school accompaniment. It has its own itinerary, timetables and precise stops. The Pedibus is made up of children who go to school and two adults, one “Driver” and a “controller “.
  • IMG-20200226-WA0022Daily Life of the NGO: support the coordinators in helping the local sportive organizations to facilitate their life and improve their knowledge about laws and regulations regarding sportive NGOs and realize together their events; registration of new members;
  • Big Events: every year, Uisp organizes two major events: Vivicittà and Bicincittà, which involve the community’s involvement in non-competitive activities to live urban spaces, to support mobility and environmental sustainability.
  • Summer Camp: is held during the summer with sports, leisure, artistic and recreational activities. The volunteers will be called to contribute in all these initiatives, and in others that the association performs regularly, namely: – meetings in educational institutions to promote the right to health through sport; – laboratories for approaching various sports disciplines; – actions to promote active citizenship (valorisation of degraded and abandoned urban spaces thanks to sports and recreational activities) – intercultural encounters to foster dialogue between different cultures – joint sports activities between non-EU citizens and citizens. Within this framework of activity, volunteers will be called upon to contribute to all initiatives, providing their European added value.

The activities that the volunteers will be called to carry out are, in short:
– participate in the organization and implementation of local and national events;

– support in daily life with administrative work;

 – documentation of the activities and update the association’s website and social channels;

– participate in the organization and implementation of information campaigns on the themes of European mobility, the right to sport for all, environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Hosting conditions
materaVolunteers do life in double rooms, inside a flat shared with other volunteers in Matera. The flats are between 5 and 10 min walking distance from the city center, and between 5 and 15 min to the hosting organization. The apartments are self-managed by the persons who life inside (cleaning, shopping, cooking) and everyone needs to follow basic rules.

Every volunteer hosted within ESC program receive on a monthly basis pocket money (5€ per day, about 150 euro) and food money (155 euro).

Matera is a city of about 65.000 inhabitants, in the beautiful southern Region of Basilicata in Italy. It is the capital of the province of Matera. The town just in front of a small canyon carved out by the Gravina. Known as the city of the Sassi, its historical center, famous for the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, which has made Matera considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. On 17 October 2014, Matera was declared Italian host of European Capital of Culture for 2019. See on the official website on what happened that year: https://www.matera-basilicata2019.it/it/ 

Read on the blog of Human Capital 2019 project what happened in that amazing year, but also in general, what volunteers do during their experience in Matera: http://humancapital2019.wordpress.com 

Next open vacancy:  September or October 2022 – for 9 months

We search for: a person who is very social and wants to interact with various types of people, interested in supporting an administrative office on one side, and people who manage NGOs connected to sport on the other side; willing to get engaged in any type of sport; open to help in various positions; high flexibility; aged 20-30, with a good knowledge of English and minimum basic level of Italian.

Only people with vaccination against Covid-19 can participate to this project.

Apply: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/8362_en

Apply through the official portal of EU YOUTH, for any further information you can contact us via e-mail basilicata.link@gmail.com (subject: UISP)

Deadline: 21/08/2022